Stop Waiting, Start Moving

How many of us sit and wait; wait for a break, wait for an opportunity, wait for your dream guy/gal, wait to start something you’ve always wanted to do, hesitate? What is it we are waiting for? There is never a ‘right time’, something always crops up. Now is the time. If you wait, you keep hesitating and get caught in a loop of inaction. Get busy asking for what you want from life, and go after it. No one else is going to magically appear and deliver your dream life to you on a golden platter. If you don’t ask, you will never know. Living a life of ‘what if’s’, ‘should of’, ‘could of’, ‘didn’t do’s’, is not a pleasant space, it’s an extremely frustrating place to dwell.

Putting yourself out there, allowing yourself to be exposed and vulnerable , can be a very scary thought. Going for something and not waiting for the ‘right time’, July has been that month for me. Are you having trouble pushing yourself to jump at an opportunity to learn, grow, or do something that scares you? I recently finished reading Mel Robbins ‘5 second rule’. This book is going to give you the tools, and put that fire in your belly to go for it. It’s written in a style very easy to digest, and has incredible results, if you try it. It’s as simple as 5-4-3-2-1 and GO!

The more you put yourself out there, bite the bullet, and just go for something, the easier it gets and the less of big a deal it becomes. Mindset quickly changes, and builds momentum. It goes; HEY! I want to do/try that, F it, I’m going to, and why not?! On previous posts ‘Dangle berrys long finger’ and ‘Old habits die hard’, I have broken down how you can split up a goal into smaller more manageable pieces, these two methods go hand in hand. #WINNING!

I, just this month competed in my first powerlifting competition. Earlier in the year I watched my pal compete in her first competition. I was more nervous watching her, than she was competing, I was a sweaty mess! One of my coaches asked me the week later, would I ever consider doing one. My answer was, HELL NO! Not my thing, I’m not strong enough, squatting is not my favourite, i don’t like the training…blah blah..waves of excuses rolling in. Then i competed in a Tactical Strength Challenge in April. I realised all these excuses were just FEAR of the challenge, and lack of belief in my ability to lift. I decided; well screw that!, I’m going to show myself I can do it!

How did Iget on? I came paddy last in my weight class. That wasn’t the point though, a big lesson that I’ve learned. Coming last is hard on the ego, but that’s only if you let it get to you. I fought off negative feelings on it for several days afterwards. On the day, how did i feel? I only felt excitement and absolute awe for the amazingly strong women in my weight class and flight. Did I feel embarrassed? No. I actually felt proud and happy. All my lifts felt strong and I felt in control, I only missed one lift out of 9. My numbers may have been low compared to the other ladies, but they were good for me and where I was. I worked really hard training to get them. I realised that; I can push myself, and that there is a lot more wiggle room there too. I am looking forward to getting back to training more dynamic movements, and doing the things I enjoy at the gym, it has given me motivation to push a little harder and believe in myself more. Being in a room with so many women, of all ages, shapes and sizes, the energy it created; of confidence, courage, self belief and positivity was incredible. It was inspiring, humbling and contagious. For this i am so grateful, and for taking the opportunity to push myself and experience that energy.

If you are worried about starting something and not being the best immediately, remember even the best started somewhere, they weren’t always the best. When people see you putting yourself out there and trying, they only have respect, they were there once too, and it’s because of  that very reason.  The only thing holding you back is how you feel about yourself.

Go out there, 5-4-3-2-1 it, and launch yourself at what you want. Ask. Ask yourself, ask for the opportunity, ask for help, ask that guy/girl out, make new connections, go for coffee with someone who inspires you, take that first yoga class, sign up for the course, go on that trip, join a gym…ASK! Be curious, don’t allow yourself to take away an opportunity to grow and learn about what makes you tick, just because you are scared. The more you ask, the more you see the opportunities out there, the closer you get to living a life you dreamed of. The outcome may not always be what you expected, but there is always joy in the doing, allow yourself to see it. Open your heart and put yourself out there, it’s amazing what happens when you do. Have the courage to take that first step, and go! Make the magic happen. Be the one you’ve been waiting for.

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Fun loving, spritely girl, full of energy and big stare-y eyes. Started this blog to be creative, stay focused and hopefully aim to inspire others to be their own big bright shiny light in their lives. :)

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