A Message from the Moon, a Love note to self

A decision to afford ourselves the grace, the courage and trust, to step outside of ourselves, and hold ourselves with loving compassion in doing so, no matter what comes up, is a constant lesson we are learning. To take the shoulders away from our ears, to unbristle, to open our lungs and expand, to trust our inner wisdom and listen to what it has to impart in us. 

Allowing that wisdom to express itself through; written word, spoken word, creative works, human interaction, immersion in our natural world, to hear, see, listen, trust and believe in what our deep inner knowing has to say.

I share with you a message from the moon, a love note to myself. I have left it raw and unedited to keep it authentic and honor the words that did come, the conscious stream that flowed out. 

‘And I seek out, search for the landscape, for great love to appear, to assimilate into being. Roving eyes rest and fall on shapes, on land, on material man made structures; filled with wonder. Wondering, fantasising, hoping, excitement for when. I wait, patiently, impatiently, longing for it to begin. 

The dance of love and magic, the shining bright eyes, the smiling face that is at peace with the fall. The falling, the discovering of a new soul, a person, a being to hold, to see, to learn from, to share with. The heart expands and grows light, a balloon heart, so full of newness and excitement. Hands find each other, intertwine and explore, energy meets as fingers touch, hold, clasp and caress. For how can two hands exchange so much. Stories of love, kindness, tenderness and being present. 

I sit and I carry on with my day, but my heart returns to the scanning search again, reliving how it feels. Aching for that. Can I provide that for myself?, and create a beauty new, separate from my heart’s obsession; to be in great love with another. For am I not capable  of these tender moments within myself also? Can my being detach from a ‘need’ or ‘want’, that this is what I am missing. Perhaps I miss what I can cultivate within, and through what is present here and now, in this moment. And release the hold of past emotion and feeling, or a want for future feelings to be re-lived, and know I have each moment, now,  to feel that and be with love wherever I sit, and focus on my path and not that of one with another. 

What can I create? What opportunity can magnetize and perpetuate abundant love and peace from that? For I have loved deeply , and lost myself in another. It’s time to find myself in my own love, in each loving breath, in each second of existence that i am here, in this world. My energy can be present and not sent away to somewhere else, to another space in time, an unmade reality, a different world. For I am here now, this reality is worthy of my loving energy for me and what surrounds me.’ 

Sometimes we get so caught up in the fantasy of our dreams, we get in the way of seeing we are already there, our dreams are with us in this moment, and are tangible and there to reach out and touch, only if we allow ourselves to sit and sink into our present moment.  What breakthroughs have you had this last full moon? What kindness have you afforded your heart. Sending loving healing energy to you all, may we be kind to ourselves on this journey called life. 

Author: blinkyblinkwoweyes

Fun loving, spritely girl, full of energy and big stare-y eyes. Started this blog to be creative, stay focused and hopefully aim to inspire others to be their own big bright shiny light in their lives. :)

2 thoughts on “A Message from the Moon, a Love note to self”

  1. Yes, you are more than allowed to dream of love in your life, we all are, as the self can create inner soul that sometimes isolate us from harmony in ourselves to be in the moment, the flow of the river of life, being in the moment is to love, whether with someone or everything around us. You’re doing well in how you see your life. Well done Ruth. Dax

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