The Adventure

How to start with this post?!!Big Sigh!….What an experience. I hope it to be the first of many more adventures. Doing this trip has reawakened my love of travel. That feeling you get, when you finally let go of the day to day rattle, and are completely immersed in the moments which are so far from a daily routine. I wish you could bottle that feeling. It’s a mix of wonder, gratitude, freedom, excitement; I can’t even explain. A warm breeze on your skin, a smile on your face, a quite excitement for the unknown yet to come. The worries drift away. Its Bliss.

Some of my highlights Guatemala; Jumping off a thermal waterfall, arriving to it by boat and tractor, the ruins of Tikal and surrounding jungle, a sunset float cruise with a swim at dark in the Flores lake. The music, the dancing. Belize; Caye Caulker, the islanders, the energy vibe, snorkeling with nurse sharks, rum punch, fireball, Sunset at the Split, Yoga on a rooftop, bike tour with the local kids. Mexico; Cenote, the ocean, Coco Bongo, El Hongo community centre for kids, postcard picture prefect. Most of all though…The memories I made on this trip with the wonderful people I met. Our amazing guide with his big heart and beautiful soul, that gave so much, a gift of this experience.

What did I learn? This is a tricky one! Mostly I was just so grateful to have the opportunity to go away and see this part of the world. The love you felt in each place, the people who brought us on the tours, how much they cared, the passion they held for showing us their little piece of heaven in this world, was touching.

One thing that really stood out, was my life… is so incredibly routine. Meeting some of the locals and our wonderful guide made me really want to look at the way I am living my life. My life is so different, life here is so different. I crave some of that freedom or passion, I can’t put my finger on what exactly it is. Perhaps it’s the culture over there. They care more for people, they give themselves and are always true to themselves, they don’t hide who they are. How do I shake some of my routine? Be braver, think less and do more, listen to my heart. It’s hard to see that when you are in such a routine way of living, to step outside and see life through another’s eyes, it’s very powerful.

I love some of my routines, but I want to change things.  Things I held to be important in my life, may not be so important. I want to work on figuring out how to bring some of this freedom into my life. It will take some time I know this, but I am willing to find a way and be braver and consider possibilities that I was maybe afraid of before.  Who knows where the wind may take me! Off on my broomstick!

If anyone is considering going on a big trip, the tour group I went with are great. PM me for details. It’s a clever way to get a taste of what you could do, they work with wonderful community projects which you contribute to by going on tour, a major positive. I am not sure if I am tour group girl myself, but I know what I saw, and what I experienced would have been very hard to do solo. One tip I would give is; check the distance of your tour, how much travelling is involved. Choose something where you see more and travel days are not so plentiful.

In conclusion, go travel, rediscover parts of yourself, see the world through someone else’s eyes, get a new perspective, it can only add to the life you are living already.


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