Solo Adventure

One of my New Years resolutions this year was to travel more. I made it a priority,and stuck to my guns, which can prove difficult with resolutions,more often than not we can fall short on some of them.Reflecting on the year and this particular resolution, has given me renewed energy, making me see I do have sticking power when I put my mind to it.

Every year I go away on an exquisite trip with my BFF holiday buddy.This year was going to be no different,except we were upping the stakes location wise. The Caribbean being our quest. We were very excited about the prospect!Our beady eyes were on the prize! Unfortunately my super pal and holibop companion had to pull out, and our Caribbean dreams were put on ice.I was gutted.

What was I going to do??SHITBALLS!! Planning was not my forte,P had such talent for researching and picking the best spots.Me? I usually floated in shouting YAS!,TAKE MY FARTHINGS,I SHALL GO! Having a companion to share in an adventure, a great friend who gets me,no drama,just laughs, is such a luxury and not something not to be taken for granted. I couldn’t let myself hold me back from an opportunity to try something new.

I had attempted a solo holiday venture two years previous. A damp squib affair. Guernsey, off-season, inclement weather, near drowning experience,failed pamper day, awkward drinks with the German barkeep. Not my best work. I missed sharing my holiday experience with a friend. The thoughts of this type of holiday again was bumming me out majorly.

When my brilliant sister suggested I use a tour group to discover some far-flung location, it terrified me. I mean, could I?, me?,do that? I sweated thinking about the possibility.  Lots of people do this, it’s not that big of a deal…I knew I was holding myself back, and for what? I didn’t want to give up and not go away. Before I had the time to over think it and back out, I pushed the button and booked a trip . SHITIDYFUCKFUCK! You see as a kid I was painfully shy, that little girl still lives inside me. Especially when I am outside my comfort zone, this trip was just that.

Since making a decision to actively change my mindset, I understood that I had to stop that little girl inside, and those feelings, overtaking this wonderful opportunity I was giving myself. The fact I am at a point in my life where, I am not tied to anything, means it’s the perfect time to go and celebrate that fact. Solo trip take 2 here I come. 16 days across Guatemala, Belize and Mexico. I leave on Tuesday.

Heres to overcoming fears, trusting in oneself, exploring this world, meeting new people, making connections and living a little more boldly. Lets not be the obstacle in our way to a better life/experience. If we can look at things with new perspective, not putting ourselves in a box, we can cut new and different paths to goals we truly want to achieve.

A quote I read last week, is helping calm my nerves some, ‘Don’t try to be perfect, instead make it interesting.’ I love it! Bon Voyage kids, looking forward to sharing my experience upon my return 😊IMG_6176

Author: blinkyblinkwoweyes

Fun loving, spritely girl, full of energy and big stare-y eyes. Started this blog to be creative, stay focused and hopefully aim to inspire others to be their own big bright shiny light in their lives. :)

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