Shooting for some stars

What happens when you meet a goal you set? Last week I finally completed the first challenge I had set myself since starting this blog. To many this goal I set may seem ridiculous, silly or pointless. To me?…well, it meant so much. The intention behind what we set out to do, the energy we put into achieving something is ours alone. It’s powerful stuff.

I chose something in an area of my life which I enjoy. What I was attempting to do was to get back to a root essence of who I once was. Sport being such a huge part of my growing up. It’s where I had learned confidence, where I didn’t care what anyone thought, I had focus and drive to push myself. I wanted to get back to that quality and remember; YES I can do this! This is who I am. Dusting off that part of myself to try apply it to areas in my life I find hard to have focus, drive and confidence in.

How did it feel, to step up to the plate and achieve that challenge? I was floating, I tell you, I sailed out of that gym on cloud 9! Lifted a PB, repped a PB on my KB Snatch and matched my max pull ups. Was I nervous? HELL YES! I was full of nerves, but excited nerves. It’s funny, the focus kicked it straight away. Once I stepped up to each piece of the challenge my mind got in the zone it used to know so well. Head was clear, I trusted I knew what to do, I followed technique ques, but most of all, I believed in my ability to get the job done. Never once did I say to myself, this is too heavy, that’s too hard, or did I let a number freeze my belief, or allow doubt creep in. The feeling of reaching that goal, unlocked something. I felt lighter, it was an ‘oh shit!’ moment, like; right, this is how I am meant to feel and view myself. Right on!! Let’s be having more of this in my life! To be honest, ridiculous as it sounds, I’m still riding around in my chariot of dreams doing the queens wave a week on from it 😂🙈

I also know too well what it feels like to not complete something you set out to do. Four/Five years ago my buddy asked me to sign up to the marathon with her. I needed something to get me back training, it was the perfect opportunity, with a stellar training partner to boot.  I got injured 6 weeks out. Never got to run it. My confidence was knocked more than I acknowledged at the time. I didn’t make the challenge. What it did do, was made me fall back in love with being active and that side of myself. It helped me remember and start appreciating who I was again. I realized running a marathon wasn’t ever a goal of mine.

Choose your goals wisely, with intention, you don’t need to jump on a band wagon, you can choose your own chariot. If you don’t hit a challenge, have perspective, be honest with yourself, take the positives with you, turn your negatives into positives. Don’t let it hold you back, it might send you on a path to something even bigger and better. A renewal and discovery. Perceive yourself in a positive manner whatever the outcome may be. You are only gathering information and knowledge about what makes you tick, and how strong you really are. If you invest time, effort and consistency into any challenge, the odds of succeeding are very much stacked in your favour. It’s simple, yet sometimes hard to do, it takes patience, but when you get there it’s worth every minute of that hard work. Be curious about what you can achieve and enjoy the challenge.

This challenge was such a useful tool for me, an unveiling of truth, an opening of the curtains. What can you challenge yourself with? Pull up those blinds once again, shine your light on full power, get back, strengthen your will, confidence and self-love. Pick something you enjoy doing to start. It could be a creative project, something in sports, something academic, exploring a new land. Remember what you are capable of. Use it.


Author: blinkyblinkwoweyes

Fun loving, spritely girl, full of energy and big stare-y eyes. Started this blog to be creative, stay focused and hopefully aim to inspire others to be their own big bright shiny light in their lives. :)

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