On your marks …

2017, See Ya!!! 👋🌪 What a year it’s been… for everyone…sheesh! I bid farewell to my year with one of my main resolutions/goals I had set for myself. TRAVEL! It was the perfect note to end my pitchy year out on.

What made it all the more special, was the fact I got to do that with 4 super ladies.  All excited for the opportunities of 2018 laying ahead of us. We reminised on the year gone by, and as we listened to each other hatch plans, ideas, goals and dreams for the year ahead, this energy we collectively had for each other’s and our own future was truly  uplifting. I was soaring off out of this 2017! When you lift each other up like that, we reach further, dream bigger, and realise anything is possible. It’s all in our hands. It made me think of a song lyric by Lady Gaga ‘Hey girl, Hey girl. We can make it easy if we lift each other.’

This year I have some similar resolutions and goals, I have added in some practical ones also.  Resolutions can be daunting, your laying it on the line, and in kicks those overwhelming feels! How to start, how can I achieve this, can I follow through???? Eeeeeekkk! This shit is scary! I learned a good trick a couple of years back. It’s to break the goal down into smaller pieces so you don’t freak out and quit, before even giving it and yourself a proper chance.

Break it down to monthly goals, review at the end of each month. Decide if your actions are working, are they helping you get closer to your goal? What can you lose, keep, add, adjust? A goal can always be adjusted. You can break things down even further to daily and weekly goals. For example; one of my daily goals/targets is to drink 2/2.5 litres of water and to complete my duo lingo. A weekly goal for me is; get my training days in, at least one outdoor activity and practice yoga at home on the weekend. My Jan monthly goal, yes that’s right, the predictable… giving up booze for the month, also included is budgeting. All of these little things plug into my bigger picture goals, and will aid me in getting closer to where I want to be. Sometimes I’ll miss a day here an there, but that’s ok,  I know I’m making positive moves in the right direction.

Last week one of my favourite Yogi Instructors returned to the studio I practice at.  It’s so wonderful seeing how an instructors practice has grown, her yoga flows are always so natural. This lady was off studying Feng Shui.  We had a brief chat about what she was up to, and isn’t it funny how conversations and ideas stay with you, to pop up later in your week? On the back of it, I did a major clear out of my wardrobe and toiletries. I opened the windows aired out my space and lit some Palo Santo. I felt my space was calm and relaxed, my head was ready to tackle some changes for the new year.

Give the monthly/ weekly/ daily thing a go, keep it simple. Don’t be afraid to change as you go either. This is your journey afterall, be kind to yourself, be the artist to your masterpiece. Here’s to another fresh start and continuing the good we have already done for ourselves.


Author: blinkyblinkwoweyes

Fun loving, spritely girl, full of energy and big stare-y eyes. Started this blog to be creative, stay focused and hopefully aim to inspire others to be their own big bright shiny light in their lives. :)

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